Aerial photography

Aerial photograph of salisbury

I have been using a camera equipped quadcopter for weddings, events and residential video and photography.

The quadcopter is equipped with HD video and stills camera and is remotely controlled from the ground. Images are viewed live direct from the quadcopter using an android tablet or iPad. It has a range of 5 Kilometers(!!) and can lock into position using satallite navigation for static images or video. It also has a 'follow me' feature for tracking people or objects.

Imagine having an aerial photograph or video of your wedding venue or event! Coming out of a church or wedding venue and aerial shots of all the guests would be awesome shots!

For residences and estates, I can take HD Video showing the grounds and settings - ideal for property sales or surveys.

I already have some events lined up for the summer including a music festival and weddings.

If you are interested in aerial photography services, please contact me on 07847 409062 or use the contact form.

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