Interiors and residential

When pressional photographs are key to marketing a property or promoting products and services, I can help to capture any building, room or grounds to show them at their best.

One of the most important techniques for photographing interiors is to avoid converging verticals. You'll see the verticals in these picures are all upright and this is acheived by using an ultra wide angle or tilt-shift lens. If you try photographing interiors you'll see how the lines converge as you move you lens up or down.

Another issue with interiors can be lighting. I can usually get away with little or no additional lighting as I can brighten shadows and tone down highlights in PhotoShop. Where additional lighting is required I have a mobile flash set-up that will satisfy any requirement.

For aerial photographs I use a camera equipped drone. Please see my Aerial Photography page for mor information.

If you would like advice in photographing interiors or would like a quote, please feel free to give me a call on 07847 409062 or complete the contact form.


Tasty Tapas

My client, Neil at The Tasty Tapas, commissioned some photographs for his upcoming website. which I was more that pleased to do, particularly as part of the payment was sampling the Tapas and free Spanish beer.

Food is best photographed using a wide aperture so that background and foreground go out of focus (this is what Bokeh is). This adds interest and leaves some content to the imagination.

The Tasty Tapas 1 The Tasty Tapas 11
The Tasty Tapas 4 The Tasty Tapas 16
The Tasty Tapas 18 The Tasty Tapas 10

Interiors image 1

Interiors image 2

Interiors image 3a




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